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Added on: Jun 26, 2009

From Richard Barrigar (correction - childhood friend born 1920) To Mr. Harry Thomas (No letter, just a postmark June 30, 1943
(Note, Harry is my father and the youngest of four children. Eddie is the oldest.)

The train trip from Camp Shenango to NW Washington & then to Alaska (July 14, 1943)

Somewhere in Alaska Jul. 24, 1943 Edward finds out he was a roommate to his cousin at Camp Shenango (Added Sat, Jun. 27, 2009)

August 5, 1943 letter from Ed to his mom and brother

Dear Issy & Mac (Sun. Aug. 8, 1943) Issy is my aunt and a younger sister of Edward. Mac is her husband, they end up divorcing by spring of 1944.

Dear Mom & Harry (Sun. Aug. 15, 1943)

Dear Mom & Harry (Sat. Aug. 21, 1943)

(Added Sat & Sun, Jun. 27-28, 2009)

Dear Mom & Harry (Sat. Sept. 4, 1943)

Dear Mom & Harry (Sun. Oct. 3, 1943)

Sun. Oct. 17, 1943 letter to mom

Dear Issy & Mac Tue. Oct. 26 1943

Richard Barrigar Mon. Nov. 8, 1943 letter to Harry

(Added Jun 29-Jul 4, 2009)

Dear mom & Harry Tue. Nov. 9, 1943

***THE PLAYERS*** A link to some of the people that are mentioned in correspondence. (some pictures up now)

Two letters

Birthday card to mom - Mon. Nov. 29, 1943 (postmarked) - My grandmother was born Dec. 11, 1889

Dear mom & Harry - Sun. Dec. 12, 1943 What's a williwaw? Winter life in the Aleutians, life in the barracks

Calendar for New Year 1944 Note shorthand (Edward used shorthand extensively, I will try to insert some)

Letter to mom and Harry - Sun. Jan. 2, 1944

Letter to Izzy & Mac - Sun. Jan. 16, 1944 - Ed's boat trip (Not sure why but Eddie nows spells Issy as Izzy - the way I also knew my aunt, too)

Letter to mom & Harry - Mon. Feb. 7, 1944

Leap day letter to mom & Harry - Tue. Feb. 29, 1944 (Ed includes copy of "Last Outpost" 2/27/1944 & 153rd Infantry flyer Printed 27 Feb. 1944

Letter to mom & Harry - Wed. Mar. 1, 1944 (Ed includes another copy of "Last Outpost" 3/19/1944 Link fixed 09/22/2009

Harry's letter (about mink-Thomas Mink Ranch) to Ed - Sun . Mar. 5, 1944 - Also 2 enclosures from Gladfelter Mink Rank to Harry & Ed

Letter to mom & Harry - Wed. Mar. 15, 1944

Letter to mom & Harry - Sun. Mar. 19, 1944

End of current letters, but more updates to come - plus click on the links at the top to visit Edward's army days.

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